At Chaco, we believe in sustainability through repairability with our Chaco repair service: ReChaco. Our Michigan-based ReChaco facility takes in over 7,000 pairs of sandals a year: keeping sandals out of the dumpster and on your feet, ready for that next creek, trail, or summer lounge session. Need to repair sandals? Follow these steps to breathe a second life into your beloved adventure partners:

We can fix almost anything, from a broken Chaco strap, to Chaco buckle replacement, to a Chaco sole replacement, the experts at our Michigan located ReChaco facility are veritable shoe wizards, working their magic to get your sandals back on your feet and onto your next adventure.

Step One: Visit our ReChaco page.

Step Two: Follow the prompts to select gender, style, and components in need of some TLC.

Step Three: Choose from a wide range of customizable options and outsoles.

Step Four: Ship them to our facility through a method of your choice: FedEx, USPS, carrier pigeon, drone—whatever gets them there.

Step Five: Stay patient: A Chaco sandal repair expert will contact you with a timeline for your sandal repair.

Step 6: Get back out there, and make sure to show us how you’re using your new (to you) Chacos by tagging us on Instagram with @chacofootwear and #chaconation.

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4 replies on “How to Repair Chacos with ReChaco

  1. Have worn my Chacos a lot since 2003. There been half way around the world several times. Soles showing some wear
    Lots of life left tho.


  2. We bought my daughter a pair of Chacos before She left on her missions trip to the Dominican Republic. We bought them on July 1 and she started wearing them July 20th. On July 24th, her first day on her trip she sent me a pic of her chacos from the airport. The whole bottom of one sandle is coming apart.


    1. Hi Dawn, bummer! We’re sorry to hear that. We’d recommend she email photos and details of what happened to our team at, as well as how long she will be in the DR and her shipping address there. We’re here to help!


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