The car is packed and the stoke is high. You leave work on Friday afternoon grinning from ear to ear and finish your drive to the campsite with the satisfying crunch of gravel under your tires. You hop out of the car and start setting up camp right away before getting to bed for an early morning hike. Halfway through setting up your tent you realize with dread, “I forgot something!”

We’ve all been there. Of course, a checklist or a list of the 10 Essentials goes a long way. But what about those items that not everyone brings—who do you turn to? The Chaco office is filled with dog lovers and weekend walkers, hardcore bikers and trail runners, and habitual hammockers, too. We think they’re great people to answer that question. So without further ado, here’s what you don’t want to forget on your next outdoor adventure—from the Chaco Team.

Elizabeth G. – Ecommerce

Elizabeth has been a member of the Chaco Team for three years. She grew up in Colorado and has lived in Washington as well, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

She’s been a part of ​Chaco Nation​ much longer than she’s been an official part of the Chaco Team. She snagged her first pair of ​Z/Sandals​ in 2004, and she still wears them! “I’ve worn them through fjords in Norway, evergreens in the Olympics, cobblestone streets in Boston, roller coasters at Cedar Point, and every place in between.” Also a trail runner, Elizabeth says that the arch support is great for recovery.

Elizabeth just came back from a trip to her old stomping grounds in Colorado to explore more of Rocky Mountain National Park with her family.

Erin M. – Marketing

Erin joined our marketing team after working for a Swiss-based company in California, and that meant some trips to the Swiss Alps! There she cultivated her love of hiking and learned the value of having her collapsible trekking poles. ​Which begs the question: Can you hike in sandals?​ When she isn’t crushing miles on the trail, her favorite sandals are our​ Mega Z/Clouds​. “The cushioning is just right and the thicker straps feel like a hug around my feet!”

Erin’s next big trip is to the Faroe Islands for more hiking. “I like to explore places off the beaten path that haven’t been overexposed to tourism yet, where I can experience the natural beauty of a place without all the crowds.”

Erik S. – Ecommerce

Erik spent 10 years out east before coming to Chaco, and is one of the biggest mountain bikers on our team. He’s ridden all over Michigan, Colorado, and Tennessee and recently started competing. Committed to sharing his love of the outdoors with his kids, Erik is an experienced family camper. He says that a French press ​(his favorite is the Aero Press)​ to brew his favorite coffee is a must, as well as 2 or more pairs of sandals or shoes since one pair will always get wet.

Erik’s other must-haves are bug spray, iodine water purification tablets, and a hat to keep sunburns at bay.

Emily R. – Marketing Intern

Emily joined the Chaco team for the summer and is a proud Colorado native. She has a passion for hiking and recently finished a road trip to Colorado and Wyoming. She was able to take in the Tetons and bag Longs Peak on the trip with her friends. “A pair of Chacos were definitely on the packing list.”

Emily (like most of us) is a big fan of the ​Z/Chromatic collection​ that we launched in April, and likes the ​Aloe color​ the best.

“They have a classic fit, are a very outdoorsy color, and work really well with every outfit. I wore this pair on a mini trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I took them hiking, kayaking, biking, swimming, shopping, and even stargazing. Basically never took them off.”

For a first time Chaco-wearer with perhaps more refined tastes, Emily recommends the ​Wayfarer leather sandal​.

“They are so comfortable you can wear them all day exploring the city but are durable enough to wear on a little hike. They are also the simple kind of style you can wear with literally every outfit. These are my go to work shoes but often stay on when I go home and walk the trails around my house after work.”

Wherever you’re headed on your next adventure, it pays to make a list of what to take ahead of time. Whether you put together your own list or take pointers from the Chaco Team, we hope you have a great time on your next outdoor excursion. Comment below to share your adventure must-haves with us.

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