Four ways to spot knock off Chaco sandals

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through our feed when we come across an ad for our favorite sandals. “Chacos?!” you might exclaim, “for 70% off?! Cheap Chacos are hard to come by, this is too good to be true!”

Unfortunately, it probably is. Summer is #ChacoSeason, which means that you’ll see a lot more Chacos online. Sadly this also means that you’ll also see more ads promising cheap Chacos or a steep Chaco sale with fake Chacos. Our sandals have always protected your feet, and we want to protect your wallet, too. These ads can be tricky, which is why we’ve created a guide of 4 ways to spot fake Chacos.

1. The ad doesn’t link directly to or one of our authorized retailers.

This can happen easily in the excitement of getting a good deal, that we forget to look at the web address at the top of the webpage! Make sure that the URL is either “” or for one of our authorized retailers.

2. The ad sounds too good to be true.

While we do run Chaco sales from time to time, if an ad sounds too good to be true, it probably is for knock off Chacos. At the moment we have a back-to-school promo for our custom sandals, but this is for a short time only.

3. The ad was posted by an unverified account.

You’ll need to pay close attention for this one, but when on social media, be on the lookout for the blue checkmark on the account’s profile. If it has the blue checkmark, that means that it’s a verified account, with more than 10,000 followers. That’s us!

4. The account has a name other than Chaco, ChacoFootwear, or ChacoUSA.

As a brand, we have three main social media accounts. Chaco on Facebook, @ChacoFootwear on Instagram, or @ChacoUSA on Twitter. If you see an ad coming from a different account, that’s not us, and are off-brand Chacos. Don’t order from them!

This guide may be helpful at avoiding an accidental order of fake Chacos, but let’s be honest- we all make mistakes. So what happens if you accidentally order a pair from a fake ad? We recommend reaching out to the website you ordered them from and canceling the order. But first, it is best to refute the charge with your credit card or if ordered with a debit card, contact your bank so that they can freeze your account.

We hope this helps protect you and your wallet. If you have any further questions about how to spot fake Chacos, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our social media team and check out our Instagram Story Highlight “Spotting a Fake.”




Posted by:The Chaco Team