Get ready to party—because ReChaco just got a facelift! You all have been keeping us busy at our ReChaco Factory the last few years. In fact, in 2020 we sent out 80,000 orders—more than 30,000 of which were repairs, crazy right?

Now, in summer 2021, we’re celebrating our new home for our ReChaco Factory in beautiful Rockford, Michigan to continue to help you customize and repair your Chacos to keep your #ChacoTan goin’ all year long!

If you didn’t know, we have been rewebbing and resoling shoes for over 30 years. Ready for a fun fact? Since 2014 alone, together with you, we have saved more than 266,000 pairs of sandals and 266 tons of material from landfills and counting. So, if you’ve ever sent in your Chacos to be repaired, go ahead, give yourself a high five. You deserve it.

When we set out to create our new bigger and better space (25% bigger to be exact) our purpose was and still is the same: we’re here to continue to bring to life one-of-a-kind custom sandals and give new life to well-worn sandals, keeping our planet (and landfills) happier.

“By offering customers the option to repair instead of rebuy, we keep Chacos out of the landfill, use less water from the rivers we explore, and make less of an impact on the planet.”

Jamie Kirby, Marketing Director at Chaco

Our grand opening for the new facility is happening later this summer, in August 2021. Ready to repair your favs? Check out

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