This summer we have teamed up with one of country music’s greatest, Thomas Rhett. Each sandal in the 3 part release was inspired from his favorite moments outside, and they will make you want to get out and get your feet wet (or dirty or tan). Part 2 of the collection, Reflections, is available now at

Sometimes, all you need is time on the road — to pause, reflect, and take it all in. This is what the Reflections Collection is all about.

Inspired by a family road trip out west, Thomas Rhett describes this trip as the epitome of peace. Between recordings, work, and the busyness of life, he took some time to travel across the country with his family, soaking in all that nature has to offer. As Rhett put it, “There’s so much beauty in this world that I think that we just don’t ever stop and just look at.”

The Reflections Collection was created from the quiet moments during Thomas Rhett’s road trip, taking in the landscapes, the reflections, and his wife’s favorite: sunsets. 

So, fill up the tank, head to your favorite place in nature, maybe catch the last few rays of a sunset and soak in summer.

If you don’t plan your day around the sunset, then what are you even doing in life?

10% of proceeds go to

Love One International

an organization that is near and dear to Thomas Rhett’s heart — providing access to life-saving medical care to children in Uganda.

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