What is ReWear?

ReChaco ReWear is a sustainable marketplace that extends the life of our most durable sandals to keep them in use longer. ReWear is launching as a pilot program for a limited time, Friday September 3rd-12th, 2021, at the Rockford Footwear Depot in Rockford, MI. 

Shop responsibly by purchasing second-hand, revived sandals with a few adventures under their straps. With a lower cost to the planet and a lower cost to you, it’s easier to find your way to new people, places, and experiences.

Our ReChaco facility in Rockford, MI inspects, repairs, and cleans up well-loved Z’s as needed: so you know they’re Fit For Adventure® , again.
Sandals this good deserve a second life.

By shopping ethically – choosing “new to you” over “brand new” – you’re helping us revolutionize the way people purchase footwear, keeping garbage out of landfills and reducing our impact on the planet. Buying used at a lower price means it’s even easier to find your way to new people and places, in a sandal you can rely on for years and years. Good for you, good for the planet.

Posted by:emcclarychaco