This holiday season, we are wrapping our gifts sustainably. We came up with ways you can wrap eco-friendly to avoid wasting paper, ribbon, tape, and bows!

Our eco-friendly Chaco creations were crafted with a few specific items:

Craft paper

Dried orange slices 


Unused dishtowel

Ribbon made from recycled material

Spruce sprigs cut from the backyard

Folding method instead of tape 


Craft paper can be used for many different activities and may be something you already have around the house. Paper grocery bags are also a great alternative if you don’t have craft paper around the house.

Oranges are historically seen as being tied in with the Holiday Season. The orange drying process is simple: Slice the orange and pat it dry (trying to squeeze out as much juice as possible), then set the oven to 300 degrees.  Next, put your oranges on a rack and set a timer for one hour.  PRO TIP:  Be sure to check in on them after the first half-hour to ensure they don’t burn! Oranges can be composted once used.

No tape was used in the wrapping process to reduce materials used.  Spruce sprig is super festive and you can go outside and cut some yourself!


A dish towel is something that is definitely around your house! We chose to use a towel that has never been used before. Not only is the gift recipient receiving their gift wrapped, they’re also receiving a bonus gift — the dish towel! Next, we used ribbon made from recycled materials. Lastly, instead of using tape, we used the folding method to wrap the gift. 

We hope you join us in wrapping sustainably this Holiday Season. 

Cheers! Team Chaco

Posted by:emcclarychaco