Ever since being founded back in 1989, Chaco has always been a pioneer when it comes to making comfortable footwear for the outdoor adventurer. They have always had a commitment to creating quality sandals that can keep you comfortable all day (and stay on your feet), no matter where you are walking. Due to a wide variety of sandals and features, Chaco isn’t just a comfortable piece of footwear for walking all day outside, it also has a number of benefits for your feet, and many people use Chaco to ease heel and foot pain caused by too much time spent in other, less supportive footwear.

APMA Approved

When Mark Paigen first started making Chacos, he consulted with a Pedorthist who advised him on how to design the sandal with the right arch support to keep the foot secure in the footbed. After incorporating these new concepts from the collaboration with the Pedorthist, Chaco was one of the first brands to have a sandal with arch support that was approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). In fact, every single style of Chacos is approved by the APMA and certified not just to be good for your feet for intermittent use, but they are also comfortable and supportive enough that Chacos are good for walking all day. 

You’ll Love the LUVSEAT™

Why do podiatrists trust Chaco so much? The LUVSEAT™ Footbed is a huge part of that. Built into every pair of Chacos, the LUVSEAT™ Footbed provides contoured arch support that can help provide dependable support for anyone, from those who have flat feet or those who have high arches, the LUVSEAT™ footbed can help you stay on your feet all day.

A Sandal for Every Foot

While they weren’t originally designed to be more than a comfortable, durable, outdoor sandal, Chacos have become a highly sought out sandal from those who experience regular foot pain from less supportive footwear. In fact, podiatrists recommend Chacos for those with plantar fasciitis to help reduce foot and heel pain from the ailment, due to the arch support and high heel cups. As we mentioned above, Chaco is also highly popular for those with both flat feet and high arches. But you will, of course, need to find the right model to fit your needs:

What sandals are best for plantar fasciitis or high arches? If you often deal with foot pain from plantar fasciitis or high arches, you should take a look at the Z/Sandal collection, which has a number of variations. Like all Chacos, the ZX/2 is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association and the stellar arch support will help keep you on your feet all day, if that’s what the adventure calls for.

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