4 perfect adventures for wearing Sockos.

From rock climbing and ski trips to international travel and car camping weekends, trust us when we say: Adventure is better in Sockos

There’s a reason why so many folks across #ChacoNation love wearing Sockos. The sweet, sweet combo of socks and Chacos make a great footwear option for all types of journeys near and far – and all year round. 

Sockos are just as practical as they are comfortable. It’s hard to beat that secure yet cozy feeling of fuzzy socks hugged close to your foot by the straps of your Z/Sandals. Or, if you’re more of a Chillos Slides fan, it’s such a satisfying feeling to slip your cushy socks into the squishy footbed of your Chillos. 

Next time you head out on one (or all) of these epic adventures, consider rocking Sockos while you explore:

  1. Campground Hangout 

Cozy bonfire vibes and hammock hangs call for Sockos. Whether you’re camping in the fall when the weather starts to get chilly or need a simple option for keeping mosquitoes from biting your ankles and toes, Sockos are a great option for camping in all times of year at all types of campgrounds. It’s also great to have Chacos on hand for slipping on shoes when going in and out of your tent, or for those times you need a water-friendly shoe for the State Park shower.

  1. Aprés-Ski

Want to snuggle next to a warm fire after a day on the ski hill, hot chocolate (or hot toddy) in hand? Us too. Next time you find yourself at the base of the ski hill, opt to bring Sockos along on the trip. No matter if you’re making your way to the spa, walking around the chalet, or sitting down next to a cozy fire – swapping tight boots for comfortable Sockos is the right move come time for aprés-ski. 

  1. Rock Climbing

No matter if you’re waiting your turn to “send it” or belaying your partner up the rock wall, bringing your Sockos to the wall is a smart move. At an indoor climbing gym, Sockos will help you avoid all those germs you’d otherwise be stepping in. And both indoor and outdoors, Sockos make it easy to quickly slip your foot into sandals after taking off your tight climbing shoes.

  1. Travel Day

We’ve all likely dealt with the daunting but necessary task of taking our shoes off in the security line at the airport. Thankfully when you’re rocking Sockos, there’s no need to retie laces or struggle with zippers. Bring your Sockos along on your travel day for a more simple and sanitary day of flying. For super easy on-and-off, try Chillos Slides. Or, if you’re more partial to Z/Sandals, just loosen up your straps and slide your sandals off at the front of the line. You’ll also sidestep having to walk barefoot through the metal detector, which is an obvious plus.

Share Your #Sockos Love

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Posted by:The Chaco Team

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