Check out what Team Chaco is wearing and how we stay Fit For Adventure year-round.


My pick: Ramble Puff Clog

Why? The Ramble Puff Clog is peak versatility. They pair equally as well with leggings as they do straight jeans or tapered utility pants. I love that they are easy to slip on and they actually stay on! They are warm and cozy, almost like your toes are perched up by a fire all day long. When I want to stand out in the crowd, but be super comfy while doing it, I grab my Ramble Puff Clogs and head out the door.

About me: Hey there, I’m Sam! I’m the Associate Product Line Manager here at Chaco. When I’m not doing house projects or dreaming up ideas for my future goat farm, I love to be outside as much as possible. The fall season in Michigan makes it so easy to hike, kayak, and tend to a bonfire all in one day, and even sneak in a classic autumnal movie like When Harry Met Sally. Just like the Ramble Puff Clog, I like a little structure mixed in with my quirk and comfort!


My pick: Fields Chelsea in Mustard Suede

Why? I love when a classic style gets a facelift simply through color. The Fields Chelsea is so timeless and comfortable but this bold Mustard shade makes it so fresh right now. I’m also a sucker for boots in velvety suede … it’s like a fine wine and will only get better with age. It’s also one of those no-fuss boots that I’m not afraid of getting scuffed up because some of my most worn-in boots are my favorites for life.

About me: Camping, hiking and cycling enthusiast. Been Halloweenin’ since I can remember. Thinks everyone should own at least one greyhound in their life. Favorite word is “nook” and even better I love finding nooks (as represented here in this photo of me in a cave). Goal in work life is to pull the absolute best out of Chaco’s designers while cry laughing along the way.  Goal in personal life is to never truly grow-up while cry laughing along the way with my two teenagers and husband. Oh, and to be 90 years old and still going to concerts because live music is everything.


My pick: Ramble Puff

Why? My go to Chacos, aside from my Z’s, are without a question my Ramble Puffs. Easy to slip on to walk the dog, at the camp site, or around the house – they feel like a warm hug on your foot. Perfect for chilly autumn days. Or any day that’s not a sandal day.

About me: I love to explore the world around me in every medium – run, jump, climb, bike, skate, walk, hike, cruise, you name it. I’ve spent my life living in some of the most beautiful places in the world – Colorado, Oregon, and now Sweden. My happy place? The climbing wall and then cold beers on a sunny day, or sewing sandals on the Roving Repairs bus with my friends.


My pick: Ramble Puff Lace

Why? The laces keep them on tight and pull tabs make it for easy on and off, great for getting though airport security. Wearing the Ramble Puff Lace allows for the haters to hate on the drip!

About me: I love to travel and exploring new dog parks with my Pitbull and blind Shih Tzu.


My pick: Revel Chelsea

Why? As soon as I get home for the night or if I’m staying in and having myself a duvet-day, my Revels are on my feet. I can never decide if I am hot or cold, and these are the only things that keep my feet always cozy.

About me: I have been traveling around the world since I was a few months old and still have the travel bug! I’ve had the opportunity to live with my family in Switzerland and France and can’t wait to continue to explore new places, however my favorite place of all is Lime Lake in Northern Michigan. It’s the perfect place to clear my mind and spend some time paddleboarding on the water with my dog, Dax.


My pick: Paonia Chelsea

Why? It’s got the arch support you expect in a Z with the warmth and protection of a chelsea boot.

About me: I’m a full time graphic designer and color designer, and a part time drummer.


My pick: Ramble Puff

Why? Whether I’m out walking the pups or rolling out of my tent on a chilly morning, my Rambles are always there to give me that cozy sleeping bag feel. Equipped with a capable outsole, I know I can rely on them for all my indoor and outdoor needs. And they look pretty rad…

About me: I love spending time outside truck camping, mountain biking, trail running, and kicking it by the fire with a guitar and a cold brew. I consider myself a collector of experiences, always on the hunt for a new band to check out, a city I haven’t visited before, or a new recipe to try out. My favorite moments are spent out on the trail with my partner and two dogs, letting the landscape guide my next step.


My pick: Paonia Clog

Why? It’s my go-to everyday shoe because it goes with everything and is super comfy! Whether I’m hanging outside or painting, I’m always in my Paonia clogs!

About me: I am a designer and artist and have had the privilege of working at Chaco for over a year now (ah!). Along with my full time job, I run my own business called By Taylor Grace. Ever since I was little, I knew I would end up doing something creative. My favorite things in the world are being outside (hiking, running, walking, a bike ride), traveling, swimming in Lake Michigan, hanging out at a local coffee shop, and spending time with my family.

Posted by:The Chaco Team

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